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Acquiring Vehicle Procedures

Prior to making any vehicle acquisition/purchase, the requesting department is required to fill out a New Vehicle Worksheet.  This form should be completed, signed and sent to USU Fleet Management including a short description of the vehicle that is being procured. (i.e. Ford f150 with standard features, extended cab.)  Fleet will work with the department to insure that we stay within State policy.  Vehicles that are being replaced must be sent to the USU Surplus department to be sold. Fleet will give the department a unit number, which will be used when licensing the unit and will be used to coordinate the plate number and gas card for the department.  (The department is required by State Law to obtain a gas card through Fleet Services for fueling the vehicle.


Due to State Legislation, USU and all other State Agencies cannot increase the size of their fleets without approved legislation from the State.  Here at USU we have split up our number among the departments that have vehicles and consider each vehicle as being in a slot.  Currently these slots remain the property of the department unless the slot remains open (meaning the department has been assigned 6 vehicle slots, but only has 5 vehicles) for 5 years.  Departments can give an open slot to another department at any time as long as a memo is received by Fleet from the department that is giving the slot.  A slot is needed for all vehicles whether purchased new, used, leased, bought from USU Surplus, borrowed from Federal Surplus, or donated to USU.


Once Fleet has approved the procurement of a new vehicle and assigned a unit number, the department will create a requisition to purchase the vehicle either through the State Contract, University Bid process, Used Vehicles, Federal Surplus, etc.  Purchasing services will make the purchase according to purchasing policy.  The EZ-BUY system will notify the Equipment Management Office (EMO) of the purchase.


Once the vehicle is acquired, it must be delivered to Fleet Services for additional inspection, paperwork, signature of acceptance, assignment of inventory number and assignment of a gas card.  Once everything is completed the department will be notified that the vehicle is ready to be picked up and used.  This process will usually take just a couple of business days.