Aggie'tisement Prices & Policies

Aggie Shuttle Advertising 2014/15

Any advertising on Utah State Aggie shuttles is available to Utah State University entities only.

Advertising is available for sale in two forms:

Inside Shuttle Advertising  (11”x 17” landscape)   Full Fleet

11 Buses

Annual Contract                   $1800.00 per year    one 11” x 17”  (Landscape)   space Full Fleet

Monthly Contract                 $175.00 per month one 11” x 17”   (Landscape)   space Full Fleet

Weekly Contract                  $60.00 per weekly one 11” x 17”   (Landscape)   space Full Fleet

Printing Ads                         $5.00   per printed and laminated sign             

All other non-profit, student oriented activities and /or events must supply their own printed advertisement at the appropriate (11’x17”) size and be preapproved by USU Parking and Transportation Management.  A charged $60.00 per week on the entire fleet will be charged for these ads.


Outside Shuttle Advertising

(rear tailgate, rear window, front entry window)

Tailgate / window                 $2000.00 per year per bus     

Printing & installation          $ 200.00 per sign  

A combination of outside and inside advertising may be purchased for $4500.00 which will include four (4) printings for the inside of the bus and two (2) printing for the outside or tailgate area.

Any questions concerning partial year contract in either case will be done on a per case basis please refer these cases to the Aggie Shuttle supervisor (435 797 3470).

All advertising content to be used on the Aggie Shuttle fleet will be at the discretion of USU Parking and Transportation Management.

USU Parking and Transportation Management reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.