Student Parking



Student Commuter (Off Campus)

Students who live off campus are eligible to buy a Blue, Yellow, or Aggie Terrace Commuter Permit.

2015-2016 Student Commuter Permit Prices

2016-2017 Student Commuter Permit Prices

Student Commuter Parking Map

When Lots Open to the Public

Student Residents (On-Campus)

Students who live on campus are eligible for on campus parking permits. These permits range from Gray 1-10 and are assigned by number to each living area. LLC Students are eligible for an Aggie Terrace Resident Permit. All Student Resident permits are also valid in yellow.

Student Resident Parking Map

2015-2016 Student Resident Permit Prices

2016-2017 Student Resident Permit Prices

Permit Eligibility

To be eligible for a student permit you are required to be matriculated and registered for 1 or more credits at Utah State University for the current semester or in the case of summer be registered for the upcoming fall semester.  If your status at Utah State University changes and you no longer qualify for the permit you have your permit is no longer valid. Vehicles using invalid permits may be impounded. If you qualify for a student permit and a faculty/staff permit you may choose which type of permit you would like but you may not get both. If you choose to purchase a student permit you no longer qualify for the faculty/staff wait list.