Visitor Parking


Welcome to Utah State University! 

We want to help make your experience here at USU great. Generally, the best place for visitors to park is in the Big Blue Parking Terrace, the Aggie Parking Terrace or at a parking meter. There are also day passes that can be purchased if these options do not meet your needs. There is no free parking on campus, please plan accordingly. 

When Parking Areas open to the Public

Parking Rates

Big Blue or Aggie Parking Terrace
$1.50 an hour with a maximum of $7.50 a day
Parking Meter (locations and times vary)
$0.05 = 4 min,  $0.10 = 8 min,  $0.25 = 20 min
Day Pass
$5.00 a day

The Visitor Information Center is located in front of the

Aggie Parking Terrace

Click here for directions to the VIC

Services Include:

  • Free map of campus
  • Help finding the best guest parking option for you
  • Get directions to your final destination
  • Day passes can be purchased for $5 per day

For More Information contact the Visitor Information Center at 435-797-6869 or email us at

Visitor Parking Passes & Areas

Visitor Parking Map

Parking Meter Map

When Lots Open to the Public

Aggie Ice Cream Parking

There are 8 designated stalls for Aggie ice cream patrons.  No payment is required to park in these stalls if they are being used while a patron is in the store.  All other stalls around Aggie Ice Cream require a permit and a citation may be issued if a vehicle is parked without a permit.

Day Passes

Day passes are available to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  The cost is $5 per day or $20 per week.  The lot the permit is valid for is determined by the Parking and Transportation staff based on need and availability.  A day pass may be purchased from the Parking Office or the Visitor Information Center. 

Loading Permits

Loading permits are available for loading zones, and service areas throughout campus. Loading permits need to be purchased BEFORE parking in these areas for any amount of time. Loading permits are for short term and occasional use. They are available for free for 30 minutes or $5.00 for 2 hours.  If these options do not fit your needs please contact the Parking Office.

If you are needing a permit that lets you park there regularly for university business you can request a Private Vehicle permit (for USU employees) or a Commercial Vehicle permit (for vendors doing frequent business of campus).

Commercial Permits

Commercial Permits are available for vendors that often do business on campus.  The permit is individualized based on need and lasts from August 15th to August 15th.  If you need a commercial permit please contact James Nye through email stating your specific parking needs.

James Nye

Parking and Transportation Director