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FAQ - Common Parking Mistakes

  1. If a meter in reading FAILED, or it does not register when money is placed in the meter please call the Parking and Transportation office 797-7275, it is found on every meter, and report the problem. Please know you may be asked to move your vehicle to a meter that is functional.
  1. Any amount of time, regardless of reason, parked at an unpaid meter is considered a valid ticket. Meters are intended for SHORT term parking.
  1. Dedicated stalls are posted at the stall or the entrance to the lot and indicate the type of patron that is allowed to park in it. These sign generally have the word ONLY on them, ie CPD ONLY, SERVICE ONLY, HEARING AND SEEING CLIENT ONLY.
  1. Parking stalls are designated by parallel yellow lines. This does not include hash marks (lines that run diagonal though an entire space, generally at the end of a row, in front of a door, or next to a Disabled stall). If the vehicle is not parked between two yellow parallel lines, this includes motorcycles, it is not legally parked.
  2. Red curbed area, and loading are considered no parking.
  3. Leaving an unattended vehicle at a curb with the hazards on, or the engine still running, is considered a parked vehicle and must be parked in between two yellow lines.
  1. Drivers are required to park between two yellow lines regardless of parking lot conditions. Any part of the vehicle that is on or over the yellow line in considered in violation. If the lines cannot be seen due to snow the driver should move the snow to ensure they are parked legally.
  1. All on-campus parking lots have signs at the entrance to the parking lot that state the type of permit required and when it is required. Parking map