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FAQ - Faculty/Staff Waitlist

  1. No. When you submit your name you are placed on all waitlists that your building is eligible for.
  1. The date the request is taken only counts for when you are entered onto the list.
  2. Three things are taken into consideration as to where you are placed on the list:
    • Adjusted hire date found in Banner
    • The building you work in
    • Employee status- Fulltime vs. wage/hourly vs. volunteer

For Example

Hire Date A Number Name Building Email
05-12-1999 A01234954 Smith,John Eng
04-07-2002 A00148796 White,Snow Lib
06-08-2009 A00001496 Austin,Jane Com D

These people are all eligible for the orange lot because of the buildings they work in. They are placed according to their Adjusted Hire Date, and are all fulltime employees.

  1. The waitlist is to help maintain a fair and equal way of allowing faculty and staff to park in a more convenient location to their building. Parking on campus is limited and requires patience and respect for co workers.
  1. It is determined by the building you work in. You are placed on all of the lists that you qualify for when you submit your request.
  1. Call the Parking and Transportation office at 797-3414 M-F 8:00-4:30. If you have not submitted a request you will not be on the waitlist.
  1. Any full time, benefit eligible faculty or staff member of USU is eligible for the wait-list. Previously volunteers, wage/hourly and adjuncts could be on the list, however due to the continued loss of parking they are no longer eligible to be on the wait-list, but can still purchase a GREEN or YELLOW.