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Spring Semester permits are available now. Stop by and pick-up one today.

Attention Student Residents!

If you’ve moved from one on campus area to a different on campus housing complex, please come to the Parking and Transportation office and exchange your permit. There may be a cost difference. If you are moving off campus, please return your permit to the Parking and Transportation Office and receive a refund based on the refund schedule on our web site ( If you have a proximity card for use in the Aggie Terrace, please leave it in the drop box at the west exit of the Aggie Terrace or bring it with you to the Parking office.

Each year, students have unintentionally sold or given their permits to other students without realizing the permit is nontransferable. Associated fines for the student receiving the permit can be considerable. Please read below:

Permits are not transferrable. Permits remain the property of Utah State University. Permits are for the exclusive use of the purchaser/registrant. Permits may not be sold, exchanged, loaned or given away. Transfer by sale or exchange renders the permit invalid. Forgery, fraud, or possession of a lost/stolen permit or invalid permits are criminal offenses. Vehicles displaying forged, altered or lost/stolen/invalid permits will be impounded.