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Department Vehicle Information

Requirements for Department Vehicles 

1. Department Contact

Every Department that is assigned vehicles will give Fleet Services that contact information for one person in their department to receive service reminders, meter rejects, etc.  This person does not have to personally take care of the problem, but they do need to inform the people in their department about the problem and follow up to insure that everything has been completed.


2. Keeping Vehicles in Working Order

Safety is a top priority here at USU and all vehicles are to be in safe working order.  If a problem is noticed, then the department should immediately get the vehicle in for repairs.   I the event that a department cannot get the vehicle in (for whatever reason) then they will need to ground the vehicle until accommodations can be made.


3. Vehicle PMs and Inspections

Monthly reminders for PMs (oil changes) will be sent out to the department contacts.  Schedules for PMs can vary, but always need to be done at least once a year.  To change any PM schedule, a memo will need to be sent to Fleet Services signed by the department head or director.


4. Safety Inspections

Inspection certificates are due for exempt (EX license plate) vehicles by May 1st of each year.  Vehicles are due for a safety inspection every other year for the first 7 years and then every year after that. Reminders will be sent out throughout the year to the department contacts.  Due to our large fleet, we are given July thru April to collect all of the due inspections.  Exemption years will be based on the Fiscal year schedule, not the calendar year.  Used vehicles will be due for their first inspection 6 months after they are entered into the system and then yearly after that.  This assures that we receive the inspection that we need by May 1st and that we spread out the vehicle’s due dates throughout the year.


5. Receipts for all Vehicle Repairs and Services

State regulations require us to keep track of all services and repairs preformed on State vehicles.  Any services or repairs preformed at USU Motor Pool will automatically be added to the system.  We do not require that vehicles be repaired at USU Motor Pool; however a copy of the receipts must be turned in for anything done elsewhere.  They can be emailed to, mailed to UMC 9000, or faxed to 435-797-3146.

6. Receipts for Gas purchased not made with USU Issued Gas Cards

The USU Issued Gas Cards automatically charge the gas to the departments, input the required information into the system and help to keep track of the MPG for each vehicle on campus.  We prefer for departments to always use the assigned gas cards, but understand that it is not always possible to do this.  If a personal gas/credit card is used to fuel the vehicle, then a receipt needs to go to the department that is in control of the vehicle for reimbursement AND a copy of the receipt needs to be sent to Fleet Services for a manual update to the system.  Please write down the license plate number and the odometer reading at the time of fueling so we know which vehicle is belongs to and so we can continue to keep track of the MPG.


7. MIS Fees

The Database that Fleet Services uses to keep track of all of the vehicles and drivers is managed and licensed by the State.  For use of their system, they charge us a Yearly MIS Fee.  This fee helps pay for updates, troubleshooting, service help desk and an alternative fuel vehicle program.  This fee is billed per vehicle and will show up on your March e-prints.


8. Insurance Charges

Insurance is also billed per vehicle and is handled through USU Risk Management.  In the past they have always contacted each department with the list of vehicles assigned to them for confirmation, and then the yearly charges are billed out.