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Fleet FAQ

The Online Driving Test needs to be taken every two years. Some departments require their driver’s to take the test every year, which is fine. We also require for the online test to be taken again after an accident.
There is little we can do to insure that people are not using other people’s PIN, but please know that if there is a problem with the fueling, the person’s whose PIN was used will be held responsible.
Every time a vehicle is fueled you will need to enter your PIN. This tells Fleet who is fueling the vehicle in case of any problems. The account information is attached to the gas cards, so anyone with a PIN can fuel any USU vehicle without needing to worry about charges. Motor Pool has one PIN for all of their travelers, but besides that, we prefer each person who fuels vehicles to have their own PIN.
Please contact Fleet Services at 797-7363 or Motor Pool at 797-3145. If either has been turned off for any reason, then we will need to contact the State to get them activated again.
There is a gas card assigned to each vehicle on campus. This card must be used whenever possible to insure that all fueling records are recorded. If you are not able to use the gas card, then you will need to get the receipts back to Fleet Operations so they can manually update the information.
To change the account being billed, simply call Fleet Service at 435-797-7363. You will need to have the license plate, old account number and new account number ready. It may take a couple of days to get set up if the new account has never been used before, so please call several days before the last business day of the month with any changes. can help you find any station in the Nation that accepts the State Gas Cards. Just go to the site and click on “Fuelman Site Locator” and the very top of the screen. There you can search by State, City, Fuel Type, Etc.
Risk Management will need to know about every vehicle accident that happens in a USU vehicle. They require an incident report to be filled out and prefer for a police report to be done. Please contact Risk Management for more information.
Yes, you may take you vehicle to any authorized vendor for an Inspection, PM or repair. However, receipts must be turned into Fleet Services so that information can be updated in the system.