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Appeal a Citation

If you receive a citation and believe you have grounds for an appeal, the citation may be appealed within 14 calendar days from the date of issuance by doing one of the following:

  1. Fill out the appeal form below, then the Appeals Officer will reply through email notifying you of his/her decision. (Please print the form for your records before submitting)
  2. Come to the Parking Office and complete an appeal form. The Appeals Officer will reply via email notifying you of his/her decision.

The Appeals Officer will review your appeal and make one of the following decisions

  1. Reduce your fine.
  2. Grant your appeal and waive the fine.
  3. Deny your appeal, leaving the fine at the appropriate amount.

The price of the citation is “frozen” until the appeals process is completed.

If the appeal is reduced or denied, you have 14 days to make payment at the reduced or frozen price, afterwhich the fines will follow the escalation schedule. You may pay the amount at the Parking Office or by mail in the yellow envelope that the citation was issued in.


  1. Lack of space
  2. Inconvenience of assigned areas
  3. Ignorance of regulations
  4. Only parked illegally for a few minutes
  5. Financial hardship
  6. Unread or misunderstood signs

Please note: Meter citations may be appealed only if the meter did not function properly.

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