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FAQ - Edith Bowen Parents

  1. If you DO NOT leave your vehicle you can load/unload your children next to the curb
  2. If you would like to park and leave your vehicle there are two types of passes available to Edith Bowen parents
    • A sticker given to parents by Edith Bowen staff allows parents to park at the Edith Bowen meter ONLY for 30min. Just press meter button to receive 30 minutes.
    • A hanging Parent Pass purchased from the USU Parking and Transportation office allows parents to park in multiple locations on campus. Visit our Parent Parking page for more information.
  1. At one of the two Edith Bowen meters only for 30min max. Press the button to receive 30 minutes.
  1. Visit our Parent Parking site for the latest details on available parking locations.
  1. From the Parking and Transportation office. See our Parent Parking site for the latest pricing and details.
  1. From the Edith Bowen office and it goes in the inside, lower, left-hand corner of the windshield.