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FAQ - Student Residents

  1. All on campus parking requires a permit. Student Resident areas require a permit 24/7.
  1. Yes. Any person parking for any length of time is required to have a permit to park in the residential areas.
  2. If they do not want to purchase a permit there are meters, or the parking terraces.
  1. You can purchase a permit online.
  2. You can purchase a person in person at the Parking and Transportation Office.
  1. Yes. In a few instances. There is a price difference that may require you to pay a little more for the permit, but most housing parking permits transfer.
  2. You do need a new parking permit to park in a different gray area.
  1. NO. Permits are not transferable from person to person, even if the people are related. The permit is rendered invalid and fines/impound will be assessed accordingly.
  1. Gray permits are only valid in the area printed on the permit.
  1. Loading permits can be purchased that allow you to park in different logs, as well as closer to the building. They are $5.00 and need to be purchased BEFORE you park. They can be purchased at the Parking and Transportation Office or Visitor Information Center.
  1. All permits have an "overflow" lot. It is printed on the back of the permit. Most residential permit parking overflows to the yellow permit area.
  1. Guests should park in either the Aggie or Big Blue Terrace or purchase a day pass.
  2. Guests are required to have a permit to park in the residential areas of campus.