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FAQ - Visitor Information

  1. Yes. All parking on campus requires a permit. Loading permits are available at the Parking and Transportation Office, as well as the Aggie Terrace Parking Information Office. 
  2. Day passes and temporary passes are available to guests for $7.00 a day.
  3. If you are a business doing constant deliveries to the University, please contact the Parking and Transportation Office to see if you qualify for a Commercial Vehicle permit.
  1. Yes. Meter Map
  2. $.25 = 20 min
  3. $.10 = 8 min
  4. $.05 = 4 min
  1. Stadium Express M-F 7am - 6pm
  2. Campus Loop M-F 7am - 5pm
  3. 8th East Express/Innovation Campus M-F 7am-5pm
  4. South Campus Express M-F 7am-5pm
  5. Evening Route M-F 5:00pm to 10pm
  6. The shuttles do not run through the summer.
  1. Meters
  2. $.25 = 20 min
  3. $.10 = 8 min
  4. $.05 = 4 min
  5. Aggie Parking Terrace and Big Blue Terrace $2.00 an hour $1.00 1/2 hour $10.00 all day
  6. Blue Premium (lot next to the TSC) $2.00 an hour $1.00 1/2 hour $10.00 all day
  7. The Bookstore, Institute, and Dining Services have validations for their customers to park in the Terraces.

A permit is required to park next to the residence. There are meters available if you are picking up or dropping off. If you are planning on an extended stay please stop at the Parking and Transportation Office or the Aggie Terrace Parking Information Office to purchase a day pass for $7.00. Parking in the Parking Terraces is also an option. Parking next to ANY on campus residence for any length of time requires a permit

  1. Aggie Ice Cream has reserved stalls, with signs that do not require payment, you receive 30 minutes of free parking. As you enter the parking lot for Aggie Ice Cream there are two signs: Free Parking for Aggie Ice Cream to the Left and Blue Permit Required.
  2. All other stalls in the lot require a USU student BLUE permit. If you receive a ticket while at Aggie Ice Cream, please contact the Parking and Transportation Office. 435-797-3414

The LDS Church leaders that use the building have asked that it require a permit. A Blue USU student permit is required Mon - Fri 7:30-5:00 and signs are posted.

  1. If you feel that you received the ticket in error, you can appeal the ticket by going to Appeal a Ticket.
  2. The citation can be paid online, as well.

Free parking does not occur on campus until after 5:00 pm and only in certain lots. The best options for parking are to park at one of the parking garages. Meters are available but are mostly for SHORT term parking. ALL parking lots require a permit. Lot Availability

  1. A. Guest Parking Map
  2. The parking garages are the best place for guests to park. If they do not get you close enough to the building you will be visiting, please stop by the Visitor Information Center, or the Parking and Transportation Office to purchase a $7.00 day pass. Meters are available throughout campus, but are mostly limied to 30 minutes.