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Parent Parking Information

Whether you are visiting daily, weekly, or once, there are a few things to keep in mind while on campus.

  • All parking lots on campus require a permit. Short term and infrequent visitor parking should be done in a terrace, at a meter or purchase a temporary permit from the Parking & Transportation Office.

  • All parking lots have hours of enforcement posted at the entrance to the lot.

  • Parents of Student Residents should be aware that resident parking lots are enforced 24/7 without exception. Please plan accordingly when visiting your children. Day passes are available and can be purchased ahead of the time of the visit.

  • Parking at a red curb for any length of time is a valid ticket, even if the car is left running.

  • Parking in a permit required lot without a permit for any length of time is a valid ticket.

Edith Bowen, Child Lab, Early Childhood Education Center Parent Permits and Parking Information

Edith Bowen Parents Parking Areas

If you are on campus with children attending the Child Lab, Edith Bowen Elementary, or Early Childhood Education Center,permits are available for purchase for the respected lots associated with each. Stop by the Parking Office for help getting a Parent Permit.  

Parent Permits

Edith Bowen Parent Permits are valid August-May

Child Lab Parent Permit $20.00 per semester * Must be purchased from the Adele & Dale Young Child Development Laboratory Permit allows for drop off and pick up of children to this Laboratory.

Early Childhood Research Center Parent Permits $25.00 per semester *Must be purchased from the Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Education and Research Center Permit allows for drop off and pick up of child.