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Parking Token Exchange

USU parking tokens will be discontinued starting August 15th 2017.  If you have old parking tokens, they may be good toward new paper validations. It you have tokens with the "Car" image stamped on the reverse side, you can get credit for them in the form of new paper parking validations that work in the Big Blue Terrace, Aggie Terrace or both terraces.  Stop by the Parking Office, to exchange your tokens.  

If you need to purchase additional validations, please complete our Validation Request Form and we will have validations made and ready for pickup.  

Validations do not guarantee available stalls in the parking garages.  There is limited available space in the terraces at any time, so please make arrangements for your event with our Event Coordinator well in advance. 

There are no refunds or exchanges available on paper validations, so plan carefully for the number needed.  

Discounts are available on purchases over 50 validations.